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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

sob of strings

book cover
Sob of Strings
(english poems)

by Arya Gopi

Arya's poems are contemplative as she delves deep
into the mystic meanings of human existence and
self discovery. The poems have etched the poet's
mental anguish, personal grief, haunting sadness
and mysticism meticulously.

The emotions depicted are universal, despite the
personalised and deeply introspective tone. As a
poet she has inculcated the spirit of the era in which
she lives and interacts. She is sensitized to the
palpitations of the life around her. She is hyper
sensitive to the song of man ploughing his solitary

She laments over the hibernating wired statues
sleeping in the curls of the shell chimes concealing
the dream of millions. The poet perceives herself
as a dancing girl of immortal rhythm of art. Her
anonymous mouth utters innocent prayers resonating
hollowness that devours revolutions.

Sob of Strings
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